E-ORDA is a portfolio of projects and software platform for rapid automation of business processes and government services, which is based on three pillars:

  • ERP as a digitalization strategy;
  • ERP as a mechanism for generating BIG DATA;
  • ERP as a platform for large-scale savings

The "E-ORDA" platform contains ready-made system modules that are necessary for the functioning of most automated business processes

The software product is secondary

The software product is important. Particularly complex software product

But still it is secondary, it is just a tool. It helps to solve a problem, but no more

The business goal is primary

Achieving business goals lies through the joint execution of various processes

Implementation of new methodologies, software products, digitization of paper archives, user training, artificial intelligence, launching call centers, sms gateways, using smm marketing, certification, accreditation, information security, hosting, communication channels, etc.

Only an integrated approach guarantees the achievement of the set goals

Innovation not just for ticking boxes

We are not solving a single problem. The subject of our offer is a service - a comprehensive set of measures to achieve macro indicators, social and economic ones