Software products are free

We do not charge for software products. There are no license fees. Software products are offered to Customers on a free lease basis. This rule applies to almost every E-ORDA portfolio product

Additional services are paid

All additional services that are built around software products and turn them into a comprehensive service are paid. Usually, several options for tariff plans are offered, differing in service level and its cost

Quality service is expensive

Artificial intelligence, high rates of economic effect are always expensive. The cost of services for each software product is calculated individually, according to uniform tariff plans

Pay only for the result

Payment for the services is charged only upon the actual achievement of the established macro-indicators. That is, Customers pay for a real result, not for the efforts to achieve it. We do not practice prepayments and advance payments

Software products are not a core value,
they are just one from many "cogs" inside
the service