E-ORDA is a portfolio of projects and software platform for rapid automation of business processes and government services, which is based on three pillars:

  • ERP as a digitalization strategy;
  • ERP as a mechanism for generating BIG DATA;
  • ERP as a platform for large-scale savings

The "E-ORDA" platform contains ready-made system modules that are necessary for the functioning of most automated business processes

ERP as a digitalization strategy

Most of the E-ORDA software products are complex ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning), containing many software modules. Such systems do not solve individual problems, but turnkey automation of entire industries and customer activities. From government services to accounting and logistics

ERP as a mechanism for generating BIG DATA

Automation of public services in ERP systems is just a "light" and logical add-on over accounting processes, which can be carried out with the maximum degree of automation. Using powerful ERP systems contributes to the generation and accumulation of real BIG DATA databases, which are necessary artificial intelligence systems

ERP as a platform for large-scale savings

The use of artificial intelligence systems is the optimization of business processes, the identification of corruption schemes, minimization of financial losses, and the achievement of significant indicators of savings and economic effect from digitalization